Who’s got the spotlight?

Guess who everyone is talking about?

The man who shut me down.

He throws around big lies,

that everyone adores.

While I’m huddled in a dark room

with tiny rays of light filtered in.

Why does he bother you so much?

Asked a good friend- who I had forgotten.

The man is evil and clearly from a young age,

he was spoiled rotten.

My creations issue forth from a certain sadness and despair.

While in the next room, endless images, meaningless words drone on.

You must stop sharing, you must stop being you.

Don’t think so much, it doesn’t become you.

Oh no, Oh no, really- is that what you say?

These meaningless strings and endless images,

useless words- heaped on, piled on-

to a great peak, saying nothing, going nowhere-meaningless

to every last world.

It’s how we capture reality, it’s what we do.

The video beams catching your endless desires.

What can we do, to bring back thought-

Disconnect the wires?

The very same ones that bind you and chain you to a darkly shifting present.

While the till singing music man, was escorted out of the free living park.

Hero’s like you get thrown into fluorescent cages.

Your low wavelength light, hidden for ages.

Caught beyond the fair discourses, we have always heard.

Or at least thought we have heard throughout the ages.

Gone are the days of wise political disagreements from the talking sages.

It’s the biggest propaganda machine we have ever seen or heard.

Rolling by, with a puppet, a clown- in the center of it all.

I believed I could stick my fingers in my ears

and simply not listen.

Yet like an unwanted buzz in me ear, it would not just go way.

The unwanted buzzing in my ears, just would not go away.

Will it ever go away? Asked the weak-end musician/magician?

Maybe when he is dead, maybe when he dies, maybe when some one new rises.

No longer would serious discourse, and real pressing matters be discussed.

Our White House has degraded into a three ring circus.

Patriots are violent, gun toting militants.

Taking to the streets. Taking to the streets. Taking to the streets!

Stephen C. Sanders

August 16, 2022 10:42am

Author: idvy1

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