After the holiday, we find ourselves.

Stephen C. Sanders, December 26, 2022

Was there ever so much time to prepare for the holidays? Did we really put in so much effort to find that perfect gift for those people in our lives that we care about. If we did and the whole festive plan went forward without a hitch, then we are thankful to have these festive holiday gatherings. If we ever thought or truly believed that family really doesn’t matter then, we can thank the calendar for keeping these special times set ahead for us to all enjoy.

Now we have one of the seemingly insignificant holiday of New Years, sweeping in any minute to launch us right back onto our normal everyday track. We sense for all the right reasons, that something large is coming our way. Why is something that in theory seems so small, why is it such an important change to face? In truth, it’s just another day, like the 364 that came before it, yet everyone knows it is not. We. want to be with the people that make us happy. We want to feel that the upcoming year is filled with hope that our lives will be happier and more fulfilled.

It’s impossible to take serious stock of what we have in our lives without really looking at and understanding. what we are missing. When we take that little detour, our minds pull us into unknown and murky places. Whatever blessings that we all have in our live’s right now becomes the sure thing, that with a minimal amount of effort we can hold onto. Yet it’s what we don’t have, what we try to see, what we could be, something we always view as better, is that the promise that new year holds for us?

Dinah, on her way to school, January 16, 2014

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