Unsung Songs

And Undone Deeds

All the while trying to fill, un-met needs.

We watch and see, was it all meant to be.

Living a life we choose, either way- win or lose.

A struggle to achieve what we always hoped we would want.

Always missing something, in the direction we gaze.

Unspoken words we’ve engraved in our minds.

Things we meant to say, but we did not.

Gifts we meant give piled up in some corner.

Collecting dust, while teeming with thought,

An imagined exchange that never occurred.

Collected thoughts in a murky matrix.

Guilt ridden thoughts, which no longer rhyme.

In a medium riddled hopelessly in time.

Your G-d gifted talent that you never did share.

Why, would your elders, shudder if you dare?

Get to the point, yelled the soul-less on-looker.

The classically forked road, for the one who never tries.

With each passing moment, another piece of him dies.

Words torn from a selfish’s man’s drama.

Secrets, wisdom from some un-discovered planet.

A relentless refrain, fraught with disdain.

A tougher critic would never be found.

Place all your hope in a mystic!

Will your rudderless soul ever find solid ground.

While we walk on the earth, know some solution will be found.

An original poem, by Stephen C. Sanders July 25, 2022.